From our early emergence as Sapiens, we have relied on the interdependent relationship between the individual, the community, and our natural world.

Skateboarding is no different.

Through an interaction with the world around us, the individual dictates how the skateboard is ridden. No rule book. No coach. No arena.

This solitary pursuit proceeds to pull you into an underground community unlike any other. It is a community built on the contributions of its unique participants, transcending all social barriers, and uniting its members together by the simple act of rolling.

Sapient Skateboards is an ode to this interdependency.

In a world of disconnection, Sapient Skateboards is a reconnection.

To individuality. To community. To the world around us. 


How long will it take to receive my board?

Each deck is made to order. All boards are crafted by hand, start-to-finish including a silk screened graphic. The lead time per order is on average 5-7 days.

Who should I contact with questions regarding my order?

Please email sapientskateboards@gmail.com with any questions regarding your order. We will get back to you within 24 hrs. 

How much is shipping?

We offer flat rate shipping anywhere in the continental USA for $20.00

Do you offer custom graphics?

We do not offer custom graphics. All of our graphic offerings can be found on the “SHOP” page. 

Do you do custom sizes?

We do not offer custom sizes at this time.

Do you sell blanks or uncut boards?

We do not sell blanks or uncuts. We are a small shop with limited production capacity. For that reason, all pressed blanks are reserved for Sapient orders only.