Guano 8.5

The Guano is part of our flagship double-shovel series and our current top seller. A simple yet functional design with a shovel nose and tail makes this deck viable for any pursuit. The square tails provide ample room for your feet while not sacrificing pop. We tried about every single tail length and landed at 6.625” as it provides the most amount of snap when popping despite the wide surface area of the nose and tail. 

Transition, street, curbs, pools, you name it. If you are tired of a traditional popsicle and want to try out a shaped deck that can still get the job done on all occasions, smell what we’re stepping in and cop a Guano.  

Length: 32.0”
Width: 8.5”
Wheelbase: 14.5”
Nose: 6.625”
Tail: 6.625”

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