Ostrich Complete

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We have refined the design of the Ostrich complete over a two-year period by testing multiple different truck and wheel combinations as well as deck shape, size, and overall specs. The result is a meticulously dialed urban cruiser that has been one of our top selling models for over two years. 

Designed around its components, the Ostrich complete comes loaded up with Paris Truck Co. 129mm trucks, Powell Peralta G-Slide wheels, and Bones Reds bearings. These trucks have a tall and beefy baseplate giving you ample clearance for running fatty cruiser wheels and leaning into carves.

The wheels are 59mm 85a and have a 35mm contact patch. As a result, you get a tall, soft, wide wheel that has a big, supportive core giving you fast-ass roll speed and the perfect combination of grip & slip especially when paired with a 14.25” wheelbase. 

This is a super agile set up and it turns fast and tight. When riding your feet naturally sit directly over the front and back truck giving you more control over the board. This is not only a great commuter, but the tail is highly functional and packs a real punch when you pop. 

Bomb a grass hill, pick up some Old Styles, mash over a 2-foot-deep Chicago pothole, or weave through some tourists. This board does it all and we can guarantee that you will have endless fun barebackin’ this wild Ostrich. 

Length: 31.625”
Width: 8.25”
Wheelbase: 14.25”
Nose: 6.625”
Tail: 6.5”

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