Water Ski

Designed and modeled off of an old 70’s slalom ski I found in my parent’s garage; the Water Ski is a super-agile, narrow pinner. Although we do offer this for “deck only” purchase, we highly recommend considering our complete option if you are looking for an ultra-dialed urban cruiser. 

The Water Ski was tested & refined over the last 6 months by prototyping multiple different truck and wheel combinations as well as deck shape, size, and overall specs. 

Designed around its components, the Water Ski complete comes loaded up with Paris Truck Co. 108mm trucks, Powell Peralta G-Slide wheels, and Bones Reds bearings. These trucks have a tall and beefy baseplate giving you ample clearance for running fatty cruiser wheels and leaning into carves.

The wheels are 59mm 85a and have a 35mm contact patch. As a result, you get a tall, soft, wide wheel that has a big, supportive core giving you fast-ass roll speed and the perfect combination of grip & slip. This deck has a 14.75” wheelbase which provides stability at speed while not sacrificing any agility thanks to the 108mm trucks.

Tied all together with a deep red Sapient logo, raw silver trucks, and white wheels, this old-school ripper pays homage to the early cruiser shapes of the 1960’s. 

Cop this complete and you won’t need a boat to slalom your way through the streets this summer. 

Length: 32.75”
Width: 7.5”
Wheelbase: 14.75”
Nose: 7.625”
Tail: 6.125”

CHECKOUT DISCLAIMER: Only select “Local Pickup” if you are from Chicago and plan to PICK UP your order from our shop. Any order that requires shipping MUST select the “Flat Rate” shipping option.